This weekend, the team enjoyed a get together with a difference! We have worked with this particular Unilever product for many years now and the team has become a real close-knit group.

At the launch on Monday the same sentiment was shared, that it really has been a team with a real sense of sharing, collaboration and open innovation.

In this spirit, we ‘celebrated’ with teams of three, entered into the Eton Dorney Triathlon at the beautiful Olympic rowing lake.

Team Carbon consisted of Matt for the swim, Paul for the bike and Sue for the 10k run. We were unbelievably lucky and very grateful for glorious late summer weather. Whilst the 9am swim waters were a little chilly, the day to follow was non-stop beautiful sun and blue skies.

After the event, the team celebrated our collective efforts at the amazing Heston Blumenthal restaurant ‘The Crown at Bray’, where we refueled and relaxed in the sunny gardens. We were lucky enough to meet the amazing Paul Pollack who enthralled us with his insights and innovation stories.

The launch meet the next day really was a joint celebration of the work everyone has contributed during their time on the project. We presented our just finished VR experience, which has been developed as an exciting way to demo what this new product can do and its wider social benefit. The immersive brand experience will be used at launch at the end of the year.

We ended with a celebration of cupcakes, which were delicious! 🙂 As always, we thank the team leaders for involving us with this project. We are already in training for next years Triathlon (though a spa day would be equally as welcome!)


Check out some of the pics ..