Happy 18th Birthday Carbon Digital!

Today, Carbon Digital comes of age, we are 18 years old!!
MD Sue glances back over the 18 years…

It’s fair to say that after 18 years running a creative agency, we are still in love with our company and what we do every day. It’s pretty hard to believe that it’s been 18 years since Paul and I left our jobs in the games industry to launch the company.

I met Paul working in Sony (then Psygnosis), I was a Junior artist and Paul an animator. I guess I fell for his smooth talking, over what were then, box-like, bright purple silicon graphics machines! Those things were beasts and yet not an ounce of the power we have at our fingertips today. Between Paul and myself, we worked for Acclaim, Sony Psygnosis, Rage and Jester Interactive creating environments, characters and UX for computer games across all formats.
Our years in the games business has since proved to be the foundation of everything we do, from economy of processing power, user engagement, coping with fast moving technologies and in making every pixel count.

Sue delighted by a cardboard box at Jester Interactive.

We have been asked many times over the years, how we manage working and living together! My answer to that would be that we really don’t view what we do as work, it is part of us and we enjoy it as much as the other parts of our lives. We still get a massive buzz from the challenge of a new brief or showing off our latest piece of work to clients. We are so lucky in that, everything is seamless, never a need to schedule a management meeting and ‘working hours’ aren’t a limitation for us.

The excitement of new technology is also a massive thrill, everything from a new games console to developing for yet to be released AR kits. The excitement of the new, the possibilities, are what makes us tick still.

Of course, running a business isn’t always smooth sailing but the positives and challenges are what make it all worthwhile. There is a need for continually evolving and transferrable skills, tenacity, flexibility and a passion for make digital visuals look nice!

I think my most valuable message to share and to carry forward, would absolutely be, to look around at the people who have helped along the way. In business and in creativity, people are everything, the lifeblood that enables the creative work to be delivered. It’s easy to view our team as a family, every member of the team past and present has helped the company become what it is today.

It is of huge importance to both Paul and I to thank everyone who has supported us, the network of team members, friends in business far and wide, our clients and the supporting companies we work with are all held in such high esteem. The altruism of the creative industry in the North West in particular gives us all a strength to dare to be reckoned with ☺

Last year in particular the company went through a rapid period of change, with a big shift towards AR and VR. Our network of support absolutely helped us to achieve this and there aren’t enough thanks we can give for that.

We thank whole-heartedly (in no particular order), our family and team, our extended team at AXM, Colin Bell, My Accountancy Place, Creative England, Jon Corner and the whole team at The Landing, to MediaCityUK and to all our friends and collaborators in business. I believe that we wouldn’t be the company we are today without this extended, warm and consistent support.

So, having taken a moment to glance back at where we have been and to share out thanks, we are excited to look ahead. Now that we are entirely legal, we are ready to set the fizz flowing!