The Race

Inspired by one of the most beautiful yet brutal race cars of all time, the ’66 Ford GT40, we set out to create a tribute film, using the Unreal Engine.

With its realtime raytracing capability, we wanted to explore the possibilities that the Unreal Engine offers to film makers, in particular, those that might want to make full use of the new car paint shader.
We decided to go with the most iconic livery for the car…the Gulf Racing livery.

All the animation of the car, the driver and the cameras, was created in Blender. UE4 was used for rendering, and Davinci Resolve was used for editing, sound mixing and grading.

In Blender, we used the Rigacar plugin for the car animation and Rigify was used on the driver.

In Unreal, we rendered the sequences out of the movie renderer, for higher quality renders.